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Protection Actions You Can Do
Actions and Conditions that Wreck Boilers
What BoilerSaver can do for You
Protective Actions You Can Take
1 Qt. $ 45, 1 Gal. $175,
Case quantities, save $
Terlyn TM LSB 8000 for boats, autos
Live Steam Locos & Model Engines
Terlyn TM LSB 4000 for larger engines
Treats up to 16,000 Gallons, depending on conditions
Myron LTM Total Dissolved Solids Meter, Predict & Prevent Foaming
Taylor TM Boiler Water Chemistry Kits
Rough'n Ready TM Soda Ash & Starch
premixed, aids in scale and sludge control
Soda Ash, Light Consistency
Sodium Carbonate, used for scale
control and raising Alkalinity in boilers
The BoilerSaver Book, All this in greater detail,
5.00 credit toward your first purchase of supplies.
$ 10.00
1Pt. $ 12, Case of 12, $ 120, save $ 24
Share with your Club
From $ 95 to $ 150, depending on tests included
3 lb. Poly $ 10, 30 lb. Poly $ 79
Shipping charges additional
PA sales tax where applicable
3 lb. Poly $ 12, 30 lb. Poly $ 99
$ 395
Traditional Treatment, metal protection, limited cleaning,
some tendency toward foaming, liberal blowdown required.
Blended and packaged for convenience, see statement above.
Featuring Terlyn TM LSB
" The Best There Is "